What Type Of Working Capital Loan Does Your Business Really Need?

What Type Of Working Capital Loan Does Your Business Really Need?

Maybe you've known it for a while or maybe you haven't. You're now extremely close to maxing out the credit cards you took out for your business and it still needs an injection of more cash. Getting a line of credit, business loan, or another credit card from your bank or credit union is more than likely going to require all sorts of paperwork and an extremely high credit score.

If you're facing this type of problem then an unsecured working capital loan may be just what your business needs, so you can get the injection of capital you need for operations or growth. Businesses can get the working capital they need, $15,000 to $2,000,000 with a business cash advance and avoid the hassles of a traditional business loan!

Working Capital Loans Vs. Business Cash Advances!

Applying for a business cash advance is simple. Unlike traditional business loans, cash advances have few requirements. Your business can be approved in 24-72 hours with a simple one page application, with no personal guarantee, no business plan, and bad credit is usually ok. You can get the working capital you need faster than any traditional business loan product.

Working capital obtained through business cash advances are based mostly on future credit card sales (instead of your credit score), no collateral is required to secure them, and unlike business loans, there is no need for traditional financial documents or a lengthy business proposal.

In addition to the simple approval process and minimal requirements, cash advances offer businesses flexible repayment options. The way it's payed back is through a small percentage of your future credit card sales taken out automatically each business day. This provides you with the flexibility that if you have a slow day, week, or month in your business, that the amount being taken out will always be adjusted based on what you make and not a fixed amount.

What Are The Requirements To Qualify?

If you meet the following requirements, you have a great chance of getting approved quickly:

- You've been in business for one year and the business is registered in the United States
- You have annual sales of $200,000 or more
- You have a minimum credit score of 600 or above
- You supply us with 4 months of bank and credit card statements

That's it! More than 95% of businesses that meet these requirements are approved for a business cash advance of $15,000 to $2,000,000. If your are finding it difficult to obtain working capital loans, then get the financing you need through a business cash advance.

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