Our Difference


  • Multiple Lending Options
    We give you a better opportunity to be approved and funded because we have relationships with multiple lending vendors.
  • Free Consultation
    We analyze your application to find the best business capital programs that will give you the highest probability of getting the money your business needs.
  • Low Fees & Fast Funding
    In most cases we fund accounts in 24-72 hours from your application and we only charge a fraction of what other companies do.

Our Difference

Here's why allowing EZ Fast Cash Funding to assist you with your business capital needs could be the best business decision you make today...

We Help You Do The Heavy Lifting & Get You Fast Responses

Forget about searching and searching for business capital opportunities until your fingers fall off. Let us do the all the hard work and we promise to get you fast response times and hopefully a quick approval.

We Help You Get The Best Terms On Your Business Capital

In most cases you will have more than one business capital opportunity to choose from when approved, which gives you the flexibility to get the best terms available. This saves you money today and throughout the term of the type of business funding you receive.

We Consult With You During The Entire Process

The number one services we provide are excellent communication and customer service. We strive to ensure you understand every aspect of the business capital approval/funding process, so you can make good decisions for your business along the way. From start to finish, we are there to serve you.

Here To Help You Get The Approval You Need

EZ Fast Cash Funding is relentless in its pursuit to assist you in getting the approval you and your business so richly deserve. We promise to exhaust all available lending options on your behalf, while at the same time protecting the integrity of your credit profile.